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Originally Posted by PochoPatriot View Post
AG, you are barking up the wrong tree on this one. I have both organized and attended numerous protests. Sadly, my current situation does not allow me to attend a protest that I would organize. In my mind it is not appropriate to organize a protest or rally and then not show.

As far a Robin and Ray go, they do a fine job in a different region of southern California. Los Angeles is a different animal and removed from the Inland Empire.

As an aside, I have read too many posts on other boards from people that wouldn't venture into LA to make their voices heard.

Walter Moore has imbibed the Nightin-ghoul kool-aid once too often for my tastes, and though he was front and center in supporting Arizona and AB1070 he is very silent in this issue.

As far as Althea Shaw goes, I haven't heard anything from her. I pray that I am wrong.

Even a man that I give the utmost respect, Ted Hayes, hasn't spoken out on this issue.

As far a "questioning my credentials" goes, you are welcome to do that. I have no pride at stake. I have no reputation to defend. I could careless about who gets the glory or the blame. I simply call them as I see them, and if that sort of brutal honesty upsets you, then so be it. I refuse to live in a fantasyland be it of yours or any other person's creation.
The problems often start from within, and others just don't know about it. But we're still at it. SOS has been doing stuff, even stuff to allow those who can't get to rallies the ability to participate. What's their excuse now? I don't know, but some are sill active.
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