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Originally Posted by MowMyOwn View Post
So you retreat in fear?
No, I am not retreating. I am refusing to be identified with a group of people that act like spoiled and undisciplined children.

Besides I can nail most alleged Laker fans when I ask them any sort of Lakers trivia. I have been a Lakers fan since before "Showtime". Besides history is on the Celtics side tonight as they have never lost a Game 7 to the Lakers. Based on that and the way this series has played out, the Celtics win tonight.

Originally Posted by MowMyOwn View Post
Those aren't "Laker fans", they're opportunist punks and gangbaners, not the large makeup of real fans. Whatever the outcome is tonight, the "opportunist" will be there, same thing would happen at a Dodger game.
The same thing happens anytime a team wins a championship. Could you imagine what would happen if, God forbid, Mexi-hole wins the World Cup? If that happens, the wife and I are going deep underground with enough food and weapons for two or three days.

One last thing, my wife is working at the L.A. Convention Center tonight and will be getting off around the time this game ends. Please pray that she gets home safe.
I think, therefore I love the Dodgers!
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