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Originally Posted by admin View Post
Bumping this one up,

We had trouble making this work, but now with the effort to add the old forum to our new one, it is going to happen soon. We've been adding the videos to our SOS youtube page so they can be displayed here for people to easily reference and see. Many of them were previously on SOS associates personal youtube accounts. They will still be there, but those that highlight the efforts of SOS will be added to SOS youtube also, so that new visitors can see what we do in action without wading through all the personal stuff on others accounts. Likewise, the SOS photobucket account will get added pics. If you have a video that shows exemplary actions taken during an SOS event, submit them via PM or by posting them in the thread called "associates in action"

The old SOS forum posts are still coming, but had experienced another problem after getting the thing live. Not live for you, but live in the same format, but only viewable if you knew the link. A few bugs still exist, and hopefully fixed soon
Good things happen to those that wait. This is such good news.

And other good news is an angel came to my rescue and fixed my computer problems in such a big way, that a thank you is not even close to what would equal it. You know who you are!!!! Thanks, one thousand times!!!!!

I have a City Council meeting to cover tonight, so tomorrow I'll be back "haunting" the board. Just a pre-warning for my stalkers.
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