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Well, here's a thread that was better off dead

Anyway; an update here:

I have been fighting a couple of parking tickets up here, and after nearly 6 months, several hours of law research, 10 pages of picture evidence, two letters, three records requests, a half dozen phone calls, one personal appearance hearing before the (ahem..cough cough) court, and one hundred dollars in prepaid fines, I was informed yesterday that the county was dropping their case against me on one of the tickets. They also said I'd be getting my $100.00 back in the mail soon.

Sooooo.....happy ending?

No; not by a longshot. It's not ended. I'm actually still upset and seeking revenge. This is not law enforcement. It's corruption. The state and the county(s) are in league to shakedown vehicle users. This is how your government feeds itself when times are tough, and their chances of passing tax increases are near nil.
So onward I go; this time I will be the accuser, and the fines will be equitable, but memorable.
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