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Default Murrieta

Just saw a segment on Fox news this morning. Quite a dust up there yesterday with the buses back again.

The Feds are back with another busload. And plan to keep on pushing more later.

They are going to push it down your throats and up your posteriors. *( And mine too ).

An invasion is an invasion. Al Qaeda ran kids and civilians in front of their attacks. That's what is happening here too.

Also saw BO speaking about "immigration". He talks in riddles. Slicker than snot. My take it that he is both duplicitous and also out of touch.

!. The Carrels are spearheading.

2. The Central American Countries are aiding, abetting and promoting.

3. Central Americans are playing "extortion". Send money if you want us to stop it.

4. Mexico is issuing visas to cross Mexico.

5. Everyone and his brother is/are on the take.

6 Half of the US Citizens are in the enemy camp.


1. Civil disobedience.

2. Trade embargos/boycotts against the offensive countries

3. Sever diplomatic relations.

4. Fly the aliens back home.

5. Other undisclosed. Use your imagination.

This is more dangerous than Al Qaeda. There perpetrators are sabotaging our country with human WMD's. And without firing a shot. That's what makes them so diabolical and dangerous.

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Here is the time line for dismantling America.

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