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Originally Posted by wetibbe View Post
I just got my E-mail from Numbers USA with the relocation map.

Looks like we will be getting some here.

Absolutely mind boggling. In one feld swoop the Cartels have dispatched thousands of salesmen all across the Nation.

I LOVE it. I hope it gets MUCH worse. Draconian. Burn Baby Burn.

Yesterday Fox News reported that BO has been voted the worst President on the lase 70 years. *( It's beginning to look like BO is an acronym for Body Odor .

But will events cause a regime change before the next election?

Little story Folks.

In Chile Salvador Allende was the President. That goes back to the late 1970. A flaming Communist that wrecked the economy completely. The military sat on their hands and did nothng -------- until the house wife's revolted. They went out into the streets of Santiago with pots and spoons beating the pots and making a horrendous racket. You could hear it all over town.

Then Agosto Pinochet and his troops performed a "golpe". And it was hasta luego Allende.

Could it happen here? I doubt it. Too many Americans are too indifferent and too lazy to really care. It isn't bad enough yet.
I think I remember seeing those ladies on the news.
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