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Default Looming catastrophe

It isn't just coming folks. It's already here.

Those tiny little microscopic "bugs" they call viruses.


Enterovirus D-68

Look at how many from Liberia have already been caught.

See how many school children have died from EVD68 an epidemic breaking out all over the USA that coincided with the ICE/DHS dispersing scores of thousands all over the country.

Mind you, this is just in addition to the 6 deadly diseases that Madeline Cosman warned about years ago including a virulent strain of TB that costs $600,000 to cure. And so many others. Remember ? Or should I post her again?

Irresponsible, incompetent insanity. Appalling stupidity like never before.

What if I said I don't care about the illegal aliens. But I do about our people. Probably not very acceptable to some people. None the less it's not my responsibility. If I was to lament about loss of life I would be against war. Doesn't bother our military to exterminate human's and it won't bother me in the least to see deadly threats to our country exterminated by bombs or little bugs. Whichever works best. But let me add that this is not all inclusive. Only to the dangerous ones known to be criminals border jumper's bent on mayhem and destruction. I won't elaborate more.

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