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It shouldn't. Further, the things Chelene does that will alienate people (A. speak uneducated nonsense B. start attacking people) will only drive them off if they have been attacked by her or know someone who has, and/or disagree with the uneducated nonsense.
You forgot, "C", all the folks that she has borrowed money from and not paid back. I wonder if there are more of these than we know off ?

I liked the video and yes it was boring but still in its own way exciting to watch. Thanks for documenting the item.

Come November 2 Chelene will lose and we all know that.

There are two groups that I know of that were approached by Chelene that refused to endorse her.

A notable one which I will keep anonymous had its leader approached by Chelene and he told her "I like you but you are not going to make it. Therefore I will not endorse you." Instead he voted for Whitman.

Even if Glen Spencer has an article on Chelene prominently displayed
on his website you will notice that it is missing a certain sparkle that speaks of enthusiasm. The article is there in a very drab and dreary way.

Some other articles are on the net which some of you may have seen. There is for example one titled: "Chelene Nightingale Invincible".
Oh yeah? We'll see about that on November 2. It will be either Jerry "Krusty the Klown" Brown or Nutmeg.

Either way, though I believe Meg to be slightly better than Brown, we will be in a world of hurt.
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