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Wrong about all your assupmtions

I am your opposite.

Plain and simple

Originally Posted by ilbegone View Post
Several things, Ted:

I have an understanding about Joseph Smith's beliefs concerning blacks.

I'm part Indian.

My significant other is first generation born in America with Mexican ancestry.

I'm agnostic.

You came here to bait us, just like the diminutive troll who shows up at our rallies with a camcorder, and you did get some goat.

Keller's words were twisted according to a now five decade old formula to divert attention from the real issue, plain and simple. You made the same play here.

Actually, I believe you are more likely to be an underemployed, born in America pretend Mexican with some time in an ethnic studies class.

Pocho activist and Mexican campesino? Oil and water, with the main connection being the thought of using one another to a self centered end.
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