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Default Sac DA Opts Out Of Prosecuting SEIU Protestors Arrested At State Capitol

SEIU Goons get away with lawbreaking.

They held a protest at the state capitol, going inside and stying after being told they had to leave because they didn't have a permit or permission to protest inside. They were arrested by CHP, released on bail or OR, and now they skate free with a victory they will probably use to encourage that type of action again

District Attorney Jan Scully announced today that her office has declined to file charges against the
group of protestor cases arising out of protests over budget cuts to the In-Home Supportive Services
(IHSS) program.
Scully stated that although the protestors technically violated the law by their conduct at the
Capitol, they were not violent and did not resist arresting officers.
In this time of limited resources for the District Attorney’s Office, the county, and the courts, these
cases do not warrant prosecution and so prosecution is declined in the interest of justice.
Scully complimented the CHP on their professionalism in handling the protestors and stated the
arrests were appropriate to address the protestors refusal to leave the Capitol building
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