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Originally Posted by The Waco Kid View Post
I was there in Maywood that August day in 2006 and helped coordinate the day's events, the only one responsible for getting Kele beaten up was Kele herself for being stupid enough to follow Chelene and one other female into a crowd of hundreds of frothing at the mouth, rabid Open border types. No one was supposed to go unescorted by police into the area they ventured into plus the fact that they arrived 90 minutes late compounded the situation. Anyone with half a brain would not have gone into that hostile crowd, but she/they did. After it happened there was much whining on Kele's part and no one was supposed to say anything about it due the increasing PC type attitude of SOS once Chelene gained influence. What Kele and the other two women did was incredibly stupid but they didnt want to admit that painful fact.

I myself had my car severely vandalized that day and it was miraculous that Cat Patrol, Black Cats in Ontario and I even made it out of Maywood.... and we didn't venture unprotected into enemy territory. Be that as it may, I spent no time whining about it.

Let's get real people. Time for all of us to take responsibility for our own actions and not be the perpetual victims nor should we be enablers of the "victim mentality", which is what Kele had. She screwed up, believed Chelene, got her ass kicked and then cried foul (to an extreme). Too bad so sad. We are all adults here so let's act like it. Actions have consequences as Kele found out that day when she acted the fool.
Seems a bit harsh. Haven't you let the, what was it you called them?, "crowd of hundreds of frothing at the mouth, rabid Open border types" completely off the hook here?

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