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Originally Posted by Don View Post
This is the stupidest comment imaginable. They're invading my country and I'm encouraging "genocide" because I believe in defending my country and civilization against savages?

What do you call the use of nuclear weapons against undefended civilian targets (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) after that country , Japan, was already defeated and trying to surrender? Genocide or national defense? Did you support the invasion of Iraq and the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who never did anything to us? We bombed Iraq for 10 years and they could not shoot down a single one of our planes. Iraq was never a threat to the USA. Nobody in our controlled media or our brainwashed population will call it "genocide" when we bomb Iran, a country that has not invaded another country in 700 years.

I do not advocate invading or even bombing Mexico. I want Mexico to be the safest place in the world for Mexicans so they will have a motive to go there...and stay there. If they want to work hard and achieve a better life, let them do so in their own land and stop blaming the USA for their screwed up dysfunctional country that has always been a disaster. If they can't create a better life in their own land, let them go back to eating each other and lre live their lost Aztec glory they worship so much.

Mexico is a direct threat to the American people. Apart from their drug cartels and criminal gangs, their murderous, blood soaked, homicidal Aztec "religion" and racial unity are huge factors. There was a taxpayer subsidized public "charter" school here in LA that attracted attention several years ago. It's headed by one of these bloodthirsty monsters and it teaches the dead Aztec language and the base-20 Aztec number system. Can you name a single professional school, law school, medical school, engineering school, etc. that has classes or uses text books based on a dead Aztec language or uses their base 20 number system? Surprise: There are none!

This school, and God knows how many others like it, are producing savages who are unemployable at real jobs and are suitable only for taxpayer subsidized jobs as "community organizers" or teachers so that they can energize and recruit more monsters for fill the ranks of their army and their gangs to kill us.

I've seen video of their marches and events and they always have these Aztec dancers in native costume. They're always talking about "pride" in their Aztec "culture" and their "Hispanic heritage", blah, blah blah. This is the same culture they ran away from to come to our country for a better life! They take very seriously this Aztec fanaticism and the homicidal savagry upon which it's based. These are stone age primitives with electricity and indoor plumbing courtesy of the American welfare state and corrupt corporate donors who fund their movement.

They have a plan, a vision, and a taxpayer subsidized infra-structure based on destroying our country and murdering its people.

They are the nihilists and mass murderers. Not me.
Don could you have said something like 'I don't agree with what you wrote' or something to that effect? Instead of, quote "This is the stupidest comment imaginable" . That statement attacks the person writing it, not what is disagreed with.
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