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Default SOS Website Statistics Improving

Believe it or not, the SOS website tracking data has been improving despite our lowered presence on the streets. We're not good yet, but we're beating older websites such as San Diego Minutemen, and a few others. What's even better, although I can't explain it, we are going up in hits as others who have a much bigger hit count have been going down. ALIPAC, although exponentially higher in rank, fell off a little over the past 3 months, as did Glenn Spencers American Patrol. We don't rank anywhere near them in hit count, but we climbed in the same period that they declined.
Don't know if this is a good sign or not, but I hope it continues and we can attract more dedicated people in.
On a side note, the old stats fell off the chart completely. The only positive attribute it has at present is the registered speed at which the page loads. And why shouldn't it be fast; There's nothing to load anymore.
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