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Ayatollahgondola 05-17-2011 10:00 PM

SOS Website Statistics Improving
Believe it or not, the SOS website tracking data has been improving despite our lowered presence on the streets. We're not good yet, but we're beating older websites such as San Diego Minutemen, and a few others. What's even better, although I can't explain it, we are going up in hits as others who have a much bigger hit count have been going down. ALIPAC, although exponentially higher in rank, fell off a little over the past 3 months, as did Glenn Spencers American Patrol. We don't rank anywhere near them in hit count, but we climbed in the same period that they declined.
Don't know if this is a good sign or not, but I hope it continues and we can attract more dedicated people in.
On a side note, the old stats fell off the chart completely. The only positive attribute it has at present is the registered speed at which the page loads. And why shouldn't it be fast; There's nothing to load anymore.

Ayatollahgondola 05-18-2011 08:11 AM

Yikes! I think I may have offended someone with the above commentary last night. this appeared on American Patrol's webpage today:

I guess I wasn't thorough enough with my statement about us being nowhere near the hit count of AP, but I guess I should have mentioned statistics are very relative. Spencer's website may have dropped a bit over a few month period, however many things could account for that, and it's not likely that he's losing popularity by any means. Spencer is in AZ, and deals with a broad range of border security issues that affect the nation. SOS is a California focused activist organization, and our recent increase during that period might just reflect people taking more interest in California action because of the budget and other higher profile immigration related issues. Whatever the case, we are humbled by the master when it comes to longevity, experience, and practice. Spencer's site passed the 31 million hits mark. Too bad for him (and us since we'd benefit from his windfall too),that he doesn't get a dollar for each one.

Minuteman Project 05-21-2011 03:04 PM

SOS gaining momentum in internet hits.
The reasons the "new" SOS is rapidly gaining momentum in internet hits is most likely due to its leadership talent. Specifically, Davi Rodriguez appears to understand that open-mindedness is the key to attracting and keeping an audience and a following.

Groups like the virtually defunct San Diego Minutemen, ALIPAC, and the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) only allow freedom of thought and speech to those mindless minions who solicit extremely narrow-minded, witch-hunting like agendas in passionate goose-stepping fashion.

Without the sickening interference of these three organizations in their selfish attempts to solely dominate the immigration law enforcement advocacy movement, the Minuteman Project, in conjunction with other independent groups, would have already sponsored three or four more 30-day minuteman/woman observation/reporting operations at the Arizona border, and had our lawyers busy filing several lawsuits against corrupted California and Arizona mayors and city council members.

But, alas, the MMP had to divert substantial resources and time to preventing several criminal-minded persons from stealing the organization. That took four years of court proceedings. The legal tangles are over now, with the MMP winning four of the legal cases it brought against (some of) the culprits, including convicting by jury trial a few people for bank fraud, bank theft, US Postal fraud, violations of federal internet laws, etc.

One of the defendants went to prison for six months. Two others were forced into bankruptcy after sizable financial judgments were levied against them by both the jury and the judge in the cases. However, it appears bankruptcy filing will not dissolve the judgments levied against them by the courts.

Yes, I lost one case...when one of our (now former) lawyers failed to show up in court for the trial. I lost the malicious defamation case against Chelene Nightingale, and others, by this unfortunate default, and chose not to re-file the law suit.

Our movement actually has three fronts now...two original ones and an additional one (# 3), unforeseen when the movement launched its endeavors years ago:

(1) The illegal alien invaders and their collaborators,

(2) Cavalier federal and state political representatives with a complete and total reckless disregard for the enforcement of long-standing US immigration laws, and,

(3) Charlatans claiming to be on "our" side of the contest to bring our nation back under the rule of immigration law, but who simultaneously try to assassinate other groups or leaders so that they can eliminate competitors in their solicitation for fund raising donations and/or their desire to have the public pay homage to them as the "savior" of America (viz, ALIPAC, CCIR, and SDMM). Both motives are sinister.

As the relentless infighting among our side of the contest festers, I predict with certainty that an overwhelming and continued swelling of our country's illegal alien population will surpass our ability to stop the dilemma. It reminds me of how the American Indian tribes spent all their time fighting among each other in the 17th and 18th centuries...all the while our European ancestors easily occupied what otherwise would have been their land and their nation.

The campaign to bring about enforcement of U.S. immigration laws (already on the books, by the way) will succeed only if this movement rids itself of the incurably ignorant and disgraceful persons and organizations that extend their hatred beyond just illegal aliens, but also to us good, patriotic Americans who want a respectable resolve and reversal of the chaotic illegal alien invasion threatening our domestic tranquility.

Sincerely Yours,
Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project

admin 05-29-2011 11:18 AM

Website statistics improving still:

Today's rankings still showing increase in 1 month and three month traffic

1 month2,904,452-170,481 3 month3,451,120-1,022,842 1 month2,904,452-170,481 3 month3,451,120-1,022,842 1 month2,904,452-170,481 3 month3,451,120-1,022,842

admin 05-29-2011 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by Minuteman Project (Post 16312)
Groups like the virtually defunct San Diego Minutemen, ALIPAC, and the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) only allow freedom of thought and speech to those mindless minions who solicit extremely narrow-minded, witch-hunting like agendas in passionate goose-stepping fashion.

Ho! That could be, but SDMM does show a loss over three month stats, and although having been around considerably longer than SOS, has a ranking only about half of ours. has shown a steady decrease also, and they've been around a lot longer than SOS and SDMM, but rank quite a bit lower than us, but haven't near bottomed out like SDMM has. I think that one of the big factors is maintaining the forum and keeping it open to most everyone. As far as statistics go, CCIR and SDMM depend primarily on readership, but we request participation and involvement on the website. So Minuteman Project may be right about how those two limit thier reach.

ALIPAC remains the only one that defies that theory, but not necessarily by much. They lost a little over the three month rankings, but gained slightly in the last 1 month. Their ranking is considerably highter, but Gheen collects quite a bit of money that enables a lot more advertisement. I think for the minute amount of funds we've put in here, as well as the volumne of events we've managed to support, we've actually done pretty good. The real trick would be to improve our rankings based upon deeds as opposed to funds, as that would be the untimate proof of MMP's theory. One we could surely live with also

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