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wetibbe 07-05-2012 04:08 AM

Obama care explained.
Listening to the media and politicians on both sides has made it abundantly clear that I understand Obama care. Of course it has made me realize that I also don't understand Obama care !!!!! ??????

Heard the one about the 4 blind men describing an elephant ? One grabbed it's trunk, one its tail, one it's ear and one it's leg.

Obama care is either a tax or it is a punishment. NO it isn't. It's a tax. Yes. NO it isn't a punishment, it is ! ------ Duh ???? You have to pass it to understand what's in it !!!!!

In actuality no-one is explaining it. But on the other hand everyone is explaining it. Double ---- Duh ! So I will explain it. OK ?

What they are doing it doling out little bits and pieces of information that is incomplete, misleading and often untrue. About 50 % of Americans don't even know what they are talking about and a size-able percentage don't even understand what is being said.

Obamacare is enormously lengthy, convoluted and complex. It is BOTH a tax and also a punishment. IT depends on which segment of the population "they" are talking about. For some it will be a tax and for some it will be a punishment.

Nancy Pelosi's double speak says there will be a $4,000 tax credit for many who subscribe. But what she conveniently neglected to say is that there is a $2,000 co-pay first before becoming eligible for the credit. She also neglected to explain that the $4,000 doesn't just fall out of the sky or off the printing presses. Pelosi says under Obamacard physical exams are now FREE. Wow. MY co-pay to my Doctor is $15. I get a free annual physical Man O man that's some big deal Huh ?

The uninsured, young, impoverished and others who don't procure private insurance, and who won't sign up for the Government pool will be punished with a fine of $700 or more prosecuted by the IRS.

Bottom line, due to incompetence, dishonesty, the actual explanations of Obamacare are confusing, incomplete and often contradictory as well as sometimes incomprehensible.

I'm retired, on Social Security for years, I have Medicare parts A & B, and an HMO Blue Cross Blue Shield. My quarterly premiums went up in January 2012 30% !!!!! My primary care physicians co-pay increased 50%. My hospital co-pay went up "significantly" and my days in hospital time went down and the daily went up !

Obamas care is the Castro plan. Explained by General Jerry Boykin:

wetibbe 07-05-2012 07:55 AM

It was moved * WHERE TO ?

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