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Jeanfromfillmore 07-11-2014 10:35 AM

Flood of lawsuits to follow wave of illegal immigrants?
For years it was said that the goal of the liberals was to overload the system, well now you see it happening in real time.

Flood of lawsuits to follow wave of illegal immigrants?

Illegal immigrants pouring across the border could trigger a wave of lawsuits flooding the U.S. court system for years and costing taxpayers millions, according to legal experts.

The American Civil Liberties Union has already sued the federal government to ensure that each of the 60,000-plus unaccompanied children who have come across the border since November gets taxpayer-funded representation at deportation hearings. But legal advocacy groups who represent illegal immigrants could file additional suits alleging improper treatment at the hands of the government. And with the system overwhelmed, there’s little doubt corners are being cut.

“You can bet there is a phalanx of left-wing lawyers trying to line up illegal alien plaintiffs,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch
Slow asylum hearing dockets — like those that have already prompted a class action suit on behalf of 40,000 illegal immigrants — are certain to get much worse, experts say. But every interaction between the government and the illegal immigrants pouring in could potentially trigger a cause of action if lawyers can prove the letter of the law was not followed.

Jessica Vaughn, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, said there's little the White House can do now that the children — most of whom are from Central America —are already here. Under U.S. law, kids from non-contiguous countries cannot be turned back at the border and must be granted deportation hearings.

“If we start sending these kids back to their home countries, there will be lawsuits galore,” said Vaughn. “We’re already seeing suits for conditions and denial of privileges. The sky’s the limit, it could be a nightmare.”

President Obama has asked Congress for $3.7 billion to deal with the border crisis, money that would include tending to the care and legal needs of the illegal aliens. But the courts are already clogged with suits like one from a woman who claims the Border Patrol kept her in a car for eight hours without feeding her and another filed in March by Americans for Immigrant Justice claiming illegal immigrants in the Texas Rio Grande Valley facility were held in brightly lit, cold, cot-less cells.

And earlier this month the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans ruled that a Mexican teenager killed on Mexican soil by a Border Patrol agent who claims he was being pelted with rocks had rights under the U.S. constitution. His family is suing for $325 million.

Vaughn said the administration makes it easy to sue the federal government, both with policies that critics say have invited the influx, and half-hearted efforts in court.

“This administration is empowering these groups by not lifting a finger to defend itself,” Vaughn said. “ICE often times doesn’t bother to send a prosecutor to appear in court. This creates a climate which makes people think they can get away with anything.”

Illegal immigrant advocacy groups hailed the ACLU suit filed Wednesday in San Antonio on behalf of eight illegal immigrants ranging in age from 10-17. Immigration courts do not have to provide legal representation for adult illegal immigrants who are fighting deportation, but the ACLU suit said that the children it is representing must get legal help. And they have not been able to find lawyers, partly because the nation’s immigration courts are backlogged by 367,000 pending cases of children and adults, according to the suit.

A ruling that the government must provide representation could prove expensive to taxpayers, but no one expects illegal immigrant children to represent themselves. And the Obama administration has already signaled it is open to the idea of providing legal help where needed.

“We welcome this suit with open arms,” says Cheryl Little executive director of Americans for Immigrant Justice. “The money the president has requested is not enough. We’ve been overwhelmed and at crisis level for two years. Free legal assistance for children regardless of their status can mean life or death.”

Under the president’s proposed money request the Department of Justice would be given $15 million to hire attorneys to defend unaccompanied minors against deportation in removal proceedings before an immigration judge. An additional $1.1 million would be allocated for "immigration litigation attorneys" who, presumably, would assist adult illegal immigrants in their proceedings.

“The president is asking U.S. taxpayer to spend millions to help illegal immigrants who knowingly broke our laws to avoid deportation,” says Vaughn. “The federal government is undercutting its entire mission. No one is defending our law.”

Vaughn says the law requires legal counsel and hearings for unaccompanied minors but questioned why children released into parental custody are being treated as unaccompanied under the law. According to Vaughn almost half of the children in the current border crossing surge have been released to relatives living in the U.S.

However, Little said she’s concerned there is a move underway to send children back to their home countries too soon by using video conferencing to expediting hearings which according to Little would “violate these children’s right to their full and fair process.”

The ACLU is looking for other causes of action amid the border crisis, too.
“There was only one open bathroom and no activities for children who were stuffed into small cells,” said ACLU of Texas senior staff attorney Adriana Pinon. “We’re monitoring the situation. There’s always the possibility of a lawsuit. ”

Meanwhile, conditions for agents working in border facilities remains challenging.

“Agents in the El Paso and Laredo sectors are getting sick,” said Shawn Moran vice president of the National Border Patrol Council. “We’re working in close proximity doing medical screening on people and seeing cases of H1N1 swine flu, chicken pox, measles, lice and tuberculosis. People who are supposed to be cleared are being released into the community. Given the dormant period of some of these diseases there is a concern. ”

Moran doubts there’s much legal recourse for agents who get injured or sick as a result of the border crisis. And taxpayers won’t have much recourse, either, Vaughn predicted.

“The average taxpayer does not have the means,” Vaughn siad. “There’s more financial aid available to illegal immigrants than there is for the average taxpayer.”

wetibbe 07-11-2014 01:35 PM

I love it. Fantastic.


Burn baby bury.

Virtually all of the media is blasting BO body odor now.

The administration is now a rudderless ship adrift.

Lost control completely. Anarchy has taken over.

It's a great day for America.

ilbegone 07-12-2014 07:48 AM


Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans ruled that a Mexican teenager killed on Mexican soil by a Border Patrol agent who claims he was being pelted with rocks had rights under the U.S. constitution. His family is suing for $325 million.
American citizens who have constitutional rights on their own soil can be shot dead under questionable circumstances and the officer involved will be cut loose from prosecution with the LEO "I feared for my safety" trump card. I will guarantee that from Detroit to Beverly Hills if a cop is showered with rocks someone is going to die and there will be no legal repercussions on the LEO.


suits like one from a woman who claims the Border Patrol kept her in a car for eight hours without feeding her
Try bringing a suit on that against any police agency in the US. It won't go anywhere, and a sizable portion of the population - without even knowing cause and circumstance facts of the case - would say that they don't feel the least bit sorry for the person so detained. And, the system never cares about the last time a meal was ingested until a trustee in a detention facility comes around to slide the detained a brown bag meal consisting of a mystery meat sandwich and an orange. And it would probably be wise to save the bag and the orange peel because there is a good chance there will be no toilet paper either. As well, there may be no shower access for days on end.


another (suit) filed in March by Americans for Immigrant Justice claiming illegal immigrants in the Texas Rio Grande Valley facility were held in brightly lit, cold, cot-less cells.
That sounds just like a typical, filthy, MRSA spreading holding cell with bright lights 24 hours a day and at best a narrow concrete bench anywhere in the US. There also may be an LEO intermittently taunting the prisoners through the bars with a "ya done yer crime, ya gonna do yer time" mantra. Neither a law suit nor public opinion will change any county holding / transfer cell at this time in our history.


There’s always the possibility of a lawsuit.
The far left has been using the courts for years to effect change in their mold. However, the IRS will be forced to reveal details concerning the targeting of conservative groups by a couple of law suits, information that the IRS has insolently stonewalled congress about for quite some time. As much as I abhor the idea, maybe it will be much more effective to file a lawsuit than petition your elected representation.


I love it. Fantastic.


Burn baby bury.

Virtually all of the media is blasting BO body odor now.

The administration is now a rudderless ship adrift.

Lost control completely. Anarchy has taken over.

It's a great day for America.
And here's the reality check.

Terrorists who may have already gotten through the Mexican border may very well succeed in deploying some sort of weapon of mass destruction which is not necessarily an explosive device.

On the other hand, some years ago Jose Angel Gutierrez said in an interview that the US would soon be broke, impotent, and in chaos, and that's when Aztlan would be established. Which would become the ultimate sour grapes joke ever in the 50 year ethnic nationalist war waged by brown racists - they would be commandeering a worthless, unproductive, worn out, empty national vehicle with a blown economic engine and no resources to build another one. A welfare state with open borders welcoming uneducated, low skill, and unproductive (potentially hundreds of thousands of children sopping up social services) third world people leads to destruction of means and ultimately depletes public will.

Shove that up your ass, Jose Angel.

wetibbe 07-12-2014 11:08 AM

Sound off.
Normally I wouldn't be so vociferous and persistent but this situation is absolutely now in free fall. Further I want to amplify that I am not a conspiracy theorist, I lived and worked overseas for over 14 years and travelled 70 countries. And I am tri lingual French and Spanish. This encompasses 32 countries in Latin America, 7 in Africa and 2 in South East Asia in addition to Europe. And I'm right up there as an advanced senior citizen.

What's the point. It would take me months to describe the appalling living conditions that I have seen in the third world countries. Abject poverty, shacks of cardboard, no water, no toilets, no electricity, no windows, dirt floor, chickens and pigs wandering in and out. It's the norm for hundreds of millions! Even natives living in grass houses in the jungle.

Jump to Obama, I have been assiduous tracking and investigating him for years.

To Begin with he is NOT the first black President. He isn't even BLACK. His mother was white. So what does that make him ??? The halfwit press can't even get that one right. JC he's a half breed a mulatto a mestizo ! Is that a big deal. NO. The youths of today are cross breeding with more and more frequency. MUCH more than I had seen in the past and it is abundantly clear that the black celebrities certainly prefer white chicken. A sharp stick in the eye to their breed black females\ which has to be insulting. Further 70% of blacks are born out of wedlock.

Obama's parents were not married.

He was born in a cottage behind her parents house in Hawaii out of wedlock. *( According to the best and most logical supposition ).

He does not have a legitimate birth certificate. And he spends huge sums of money hiding the matter.

He does not possess a legitimate social security number. He uses that of a deceased person.

He was not even legitimately certified to run in the second term due to Nancy Pelosi's lies and shenanigans.

His upbringing was with radicals and communists coupled with Islam.

He is an anti American radical that is bent on undermining whites and Anglo Saxons at every turn and converting Americans into a socialist society dominated by blacks and browns.

He is actually head of a massive arms, drugs, human smuggling and trafficking operation as well as a repeat violator of Federal Customs and Immigration laws as well as the Constitution.

I have rejected most other theories and accusations as bunk and fake. These above have been supported by detectives, private investigators, investigative reporters and many attorneys as well as government official's. Numerous law suits have been initiated and universally batted down by various Judges. Calls for BO's impeachment have also been rejected by John Boehner.

I'll have to say that I am vacillating, back and forth, about impeachment and removal from office. I believe it is justified and necessary, however too little time remains until the next election. If the administration continues to crash then the best bet is to wait.

*( Foot note. Please understand that my above comments are not at all my originals. I am not the author. It has all already been said publicly and there is much more that I have not presented here ).

wetibbe 07-14-2014 03:34 AM

Here it is folks,

As I said: --------------------------------

ilbegone 07-15-2014 11:54 AM


Originally Posted by wetibbe (Post 25089)

As I said: --------------------------------

It is not clear to me what you are confirming. The lawsuit over SB 1070 was heard by the Supreme Court two years ago. SB 1070 was about states rights to enforce Federal law after the Obama administration decided immigration law was not to be enforced. The Supreme Court struck down state's rights in my estimation.

The narrator in the video stated that the Arizona law was essentially US Code Title 8 section 1304 subsections C, D, E, & F.

Title 8 USC

To be fair, I didn't see the whole video. I was interrupted not too long after the statement about SB 1070 and Title 8 and afterwords felt I had gotten the gist of the video.

To the commentary concerning Obama, I don't factually know his past but it is my belief that if his lips are moving, he's lying. He is either grossly incompetent or he is purposefully trying to destroy our nation by any means possible.

I am seriously beginning to believe that Harry Reid is suffering from dementia, and that Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer live in a far away galaxy full of friendly Unicorns and a mellow dragon named Puff where the theme music is a never ending loop of "Where have all the flowers gone" and non stop showings of the old 60's flick "tribes".

And, face it. If Obama were to be impeached aand removed from office, we would be stuck with Joe Biden. That bozo would try to pet the neighbor's pit bull right after getting out of the hospital from getting his face bit off the week before by the same dog - figuring the cur wouldn't be so vicious if he was only shown some love. Impeachment would not be a win. A win would be enough legislators in both the House and the Senate who are disgusted with Obama and will essentially cut him out of the picture by override with majority vote - his vetos won't count and they can defund everything he has touched.

As far as being born out of wedlock, that's the norm anymore. The more important question now is whether or not there is a supportive father figure in the home or a least an accessible, decent male grandfather or uncle figure who genuinely spends time with the kids. There were certainly juvenile delinquents in the days before no fault divorce and modern child rearing seems to consist of giving the kids some electronic toys while ignoring their presence.

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