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wetibbe 02-18-2015 04:12 AM

Texas Judge Hanen skewers Obama.

I can appreciate that everyone is probably fatigued/burned out from all of the many years of continuous controversy.

Judge Hanen stopped Obama dead in his tracks. When you read the article you will see the future manipulations probable. Appeals court then Supreme Court. Let me say that based on my experience and observations the pace at which these courts move will probably mean that Obama will be out of office before this is finalized. *( And Holder too ). Thus, we just need to run out the clock. Obama can sit at home, sulk and cry in his beer. He has been emasculated.

According to other feedback, in Georgia, 90% of Republicans and 70% of Democrats are opposed to Obamas give away, open door, policy of foreigners flooding in taking American jobs.

In respect to this website I will try to avoid being too vociferous in condemning the present occupant of the oval office, but I will venture to assert that in my lifetime I have never seen a more corrupt, pathological liar.

To digress, as I posted previously, I lived overseas for many years in many countries. Some really raunchy and pathetic. Flaky, run away dictators. Many of the characteristics I saw in these miscreants are actually coming to the forefront in Obama.

I can only repeat that as distressing as it may be to see these liberal, disingenuous, misguided, corrupt, dishonest politicians, operating somewhat with impunity, my impression remains that they are proceeding down a path of alienating more and more Americans and I will venture that it is enhancing the prospect of a Republican President in 2016.

wetibbe 02-22-2015 11:54 AM

Interim wait time.
Friends on the west coast.

Wish you were here :D

Up to our tush in alligators and snow, - freezing temps. *( What ever happened to global warming ? ). Boston - 8 feet of snow !!!

The wheels are spinning. What ever comes out no-one knows.

The commander in chief of destruction and mayhem is also spinning an "emergency" countermeasure to overturn Judge Hanen's spear!!!
Much blather spreading.

I think that we are now in a phase of American politics that is a super abundance of blather, diatribe, mumbo jumbo and infill nonsense.

Speaking for myself - I just don't get it presently.

Hopefully the fog will clear sometime in the next couple of years.

ilbegone 02-23-2015 08:36 PM

That is is just the old baffle 'em with bullshit; lie, deny, justify, and change the subject and keep 'em off balance community organizer tricks. The surreal parallel dimension of the ultra spin cycle: "Who ya gonna believe, me or your lying eyes". Just walk in and act like you own the place, a lot of the time people will get out of your way and not question what you're doing.

And, as happens with all professional bullshit blizzards, there will be some and maybe many who will eat the bullshit and call it good.

I'm seriously thinking the Obama administration could give Joseph Goebbels a run for his propaganda machine money

wetibbe 02-25-2015 01:55 AM

So Incisive.
I always enjoy those super intelligent individuals with an obvious elevated IQ who cans decipher the diatribe and cut to the chase with seeming ease.

Cutting through all of the propaganda, smoke mirrors, spin, disingenuous diversions.

What a sad day for my country. Polluted with so many undesirables with so many off the rails, polluted, corrupted afflictions that obviously are supremely superficial, and patently illogical, bordering on the absurd too often. All too many lame brained, indifferent, free rider, citizens who won't participate. Thus the burden falls on those of us who care and carry on.

The stated percentage, right or inaccurate, is only 35% of motivated, caring citizens who will act and express interest. The rest are deplorable excess baggage.

Obviously we need to knuckle down and pick up the slack.

wetibbe 02-26-2015 03:21 PM

The clown machine:
Hi friends on the left coast. Wish you were here to freeze your buns with us ! Jesus what a winter!

Dispensing with the pleasantries I want to vent more about the laughable and pathetic news.

That's today Thursday February 25, 2015.

The clown in chief in the oval office is now running on deception, smoke, fumes, bragadosio, cheek, blarney, deception and disillusionment. He is toast. He just doesn't get it yet. He's operating in self denial as usual.

Granted a very cheeky con artist, full of bravado and BLUFF. Trying to BS his way forward. Sorry Mate - it's over.

Holder is finished. He will be gone in two weeks. I can't speculate on motive but it seems apparent that he has had it up to the eyebrows and is bailing out.

We need to just run out the clock now. It's over.

O-BS will flail and spew against him dedicated LEO's aka, good and decent border patrol, ICE, CBP like the pathetic Captain in the movie Mr. Roberts. *( Turner Classic Movies ) and will succeed in becoming a hated tyrant.

Great show O=Bs, how can I help ?

ilbegone 02-26-2015 08:07 PM


Originally Posted by wetibbe (Post 25406)
Hi friends on the left coast. Wish you were here to freeze your buns with us ! Jesus what a winter!

Sorry about your luck, but if you'd have taken the bus instead of driving your car over the years you wouldn't have brought all those several feet of snow on yourself with global warming, you climate change denier you.

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