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Ayatollahgondola 02-17-2015 02:59 PM

Rally To Support Judge's Injunction
Hello all,

I've been MIA as you all know, but I'm still alive. Although I've kind of relapsed a little, I think it's important to get out and show some support for the recent injunction issued to stop Obama's amnesty. The other side is already organizing, and I'd like to counter. I have a very small job to do for the next 10 days, and directly after that I want to letter up the billboard and hold a couple or three events. I'll be sending out advertisements ahead of them by email and other media. If at all possible, I urge anyone else to step up and plan a rally or other action. Small or large. we'll give you what help we can.
There's still a battle going on, and as you can see, our side is getting back on our feet.


Rim05 02-18-2015 07:17 PM

All of us who were out there before are aging or in some other life change.
Sorry to hear about your health.

I am also sorry that no one is doing much of any thing these days. That is no one except the 'other side'.
I wish you luck and hope those close to you will give you some help. I am still here but I will never go back to the street. If our citizens don't care about our country, some day they will be sorry. I am sorry now.

Good Luck.

Patriotic Army Mom 02-21-2015 07:47 AM

Rimo I also am older now, and will still go out into the streets once in awhile, and miss it. My mouth hasn't stopped working, and it's a shame on the way things are today.
Hopefully one will try to run me over with a grocery cart at the store today so that I can run over them.
God Bless America.

Rim05 02-22-2015 04:15 AM

I do believe I am the oldest member here. I feel I have done my physical part. It is now time for the younger citizens to finish the mounting challenge of saving our country. I am still active in politics and always will be.
I started when I was 21 and now, never miss an election.
It is time to stop hating others and do what ever one can to reverse our way.

Jeanfromfillmore 02-22-2015 11:30 AM

Let's see now, who is it trying to give amnesty to those millions of illegals? What is his name? Oh ya, it's Obama. Oh, but stop the hate. Word games.

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