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L.A. Area Residents Speak Out ...
... about the LAPD's new policy to allow unlicensed drivers (i.e. illegals) to avoid having their vehicles towed at DUI/License Check Points, by quickly summoning a licensed driver to drive the car away from the license checkpoint (These are letters to the Editor in today's Daily Breeze):

I agree with the writers who oppose the policy allowing an unlicensed driver to avoid vehicle impounding. Of the many valid reasons offered, no one has mentioned the cost to licensed and insured drivers. That cost is the uninsured-motorist premium on your insurance policy.

That premium may run well over $100 annually. And that coverage is for bodily injury only. To repair your car, you're on the hook for your collision coverage deductible, too.

Los Angeles should consider the law-abiding citizen and reverse its recent ruling of allowing a licensed driver to retrieve the vehicle in question. Chances are great that the unlicensed driver is behind the wheel the next day. Impound the vehicle and let the scofflaw pay the price of ignoring the law.
Bill Nicoll, Glendale

Do not confuse drivers with revoked or suspended licenses with innocent, hardworking people who aren't permitted to get a driver's license. The automatic 30-day impounding of cars of unlicensed drivers is unfair and driven by selfish interests of the towing companies and impound garages who receive thousands of dollars in fees.

The undocumented immigrant community makes valuable contributions to the economy; they are hard workers, pay taxes, and perform some of the most backbreaking jobs. Without their labor, many industries would be hard-pressed to survive.

Yet, recovering their cars requires a payment of nearly $2,000, which often exceeds the value of the vehicle. This amounts to illegal confiscation of private property. Police Chief Charlie Beck has recommended a common-sense change in this procedure.

It is regrettable that the newspaper chooses to align itself with the 1 percent instead of with the 99 percent.
Ruben Rodriguez, San Fernando

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