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admin 11-12-2009 06:20 PM

Spam Advertisers Have Found Us
Sorry to report that we have seen and will continue to see spam advertisers placing ads all throughout the forum. This is an unintended consequence of maintaining a semi-open public forum. We will be taking measures to limit their access, however we have to be careful in applying those because it might also make it more difficult for our constituents to join us. In the mean time, if you see advertisements outside the classified area, or selling prescription drugs, sex, or other products incompatible with our forum, please use your "report post" button in the field above the post you wish to report. It looks like this:

admin 02-17-2011 01:32 PM

Spam users from foreign countries have conquered our measures to discourage their automated robotic registrations. We have employed rotating countermeasures, but obviously they intend to get past those. Once registered, they try to use email or PM to other registered users to advertise whatver product they market. The latest violators use a newly created email domain and then sequential individual users within that domain to get past our requirement to have unique email addresses to register. something like, and then it's

This makes it easy to spot and remove, but you may get advertisements from them in between the times we do searches, which are now daily.

We'll be trying new tactics to discourage them, but some still getting through. Please report any recurring ones to us

admin 04-27-2012 08:07 AM

A renewed assault by a spammer with a russian based IP address has been clogging up the registration mail. They gotten clever about finding ways around the filters. Please continue to report any spam on the forum or if you receive any email or other ads that you suspect may have originated from the "personal message" or "contact another user" form, please place something in the "contact moderators" section

Also, another spammer using email has been getting through the filter. France based internet email carriers are another source of irritation lately

Damn foreigners!

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