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MowMyOwn 06-01-2010 06:31 PM

Lakers V Celtics

A video to refresh old memories . . .

MowMyOwn 06-02-2010 01:15 PM




1 - THU 6/3 BOS at LAL 9:00 PM ET
2 - SUN 6/6 BOS at LAL 8:00 PM ET
3 - TUE 6/8 LAL at BOS 9:00 PM ET
4 - THU 6/10 LAL at BOS 9:00 PM ET
5 - SUN 6/13 * LAL at BOS 8:00 PM ET
6 - TUE 6/15 * BOS at LAL 9:00 PM ET
7 - THU 6/17 * BOS at LAL 9:00 PM ET
* - If Necessary

Rim05 06-02-2010 08:27 PM

I think it will be a hard fought series and I REALLY hope the Lakers win it. I could smash Paul Perice when he goes into his show boating. Ray Allen must have had a grudge against Kobe for years, I would here him put his mouth in something about Kobe while he, Paul was playing with Oregon. I always want to see him lose.
I have been a Kobe fan since he was that happy and energetic 18 year old.

REWHBLCAIN 06-05-2010 07:25 AM

Doc Rivers hides $2600 in the Staples Center ceiling
:p Video at link :p

Doc Rivers hides $2600 in the Staples Center ceiling

By Kelly Dwyer

It seems strange enough to be made up, but the story is completely true. An NBA coach managed to stash $2,600 in cash in a Staples Center ceiling tile for nearly four months without anyone finding out.

Following a win over the Lakers last February, Celtics coach Doc Rivers demanded $100 each from Boston's players, coaching staff, and even team managers. He stuffed the dough in an envelope, and told his team his entire traveling organization, really that they can have the money back the next time they play the Lakers inside the Staples Center.

The kicker? This was after the team's only game inside the Staples Center during the regular season. They weren't going to make it back inside that locker room unless the team made it back to the NBA Finals, some 3 1/2 months later. This was the only scenario that would see Rivers being able to take his team's cash back, and at the time of the stashing, it seemed a long shot for the Celtics to even make it back to Staples within the year.

The Celtics, at the time, were a clear No. 3 in their own conference at that point, and may have even dropped a notch in most NBA followers' minds between that February contest and the end of the regular season.

Rivers had faith, though. And at some point when the C's returned to Los Angeles, on Tuesday, his team got its money back. Save for Eddie House(notes), who was traded from the team a few days following Rivers' show of faith. Doc's take is after the jump.

The money was apparently stashed underneath a ceiling tile, unbeknownst to Staples Center officials. ("We don't usually check the ceiling tiles after games," one jokingly told me after Game 1, "maybe if the President were coming, we would, but not usually."). Neither, apparently, did any extended member of the Celtics family know about it.

To have 26 people younger players, coaching staff, even Celtics PR head Jeff Twiss (who gave Rivers the envelope) keep the news about a secret envelope full of booty quiet for almost four months?

Pretty impressive. Pretty strange motivation technique, but pretty impressive nevertheless.

One has to wonder, though, if it might be worth it to check out the ceiling tiles in the visitors' locker room down in Phoenix, San Antonio and Dallas.,245661

REWHBLCAIN 06-06-2010 07:58 PM

Celtics 103
LA 94;)

MowMyOwn 06-07-2010 12:36 PM


Originally Posted by REWHBLCAIN (Post 9891)
Celtics 103
LA 94;)

It's a series now rew!

I think after Kobe got his 5th foul is when the Lakers deflated on both ends. Ray Allen had a hot hand last night! This is a good series :D

MowMyOwn 06-07-2010 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by REWHBLCAIN (Post 9891)
Celtics 103
LA 94;)

Where were you when the Celtics were b!tch slapped the first game :p

REWHBLCAIN 06-12-2010 02:42 AM


Originally Posted by MowMyOwn (Post 9926)
Where were you when the Celtics were b!tch slapped the first game :p

The same place I was last night when the tide turned.;)

REWHBLCAIN 06-14-2010 05:22 PM

Celtics 92, Lakers 86: C's close in on Title 18
Celtics 92, Lakers 86: C's close in on Title 18 captain Paul Pierce (front) and Kevin Garnett react during the fourth quarter of last night's 92-86 win over the Lakers.

By Scott Souza/Daily News staff
The MetroWest Daily News
Posted Jun 14, 2010 @ 12:28 AM
Last update Jun 14, 2010 @ 12:34 AM

Paul Pierce scored 27 points in 43 grueling minutes of last night's NBA Finals Game 5, but it was a rebound and an assist that sent the Celtics back to Los Angeles one win away from an 18th championship.

Pierce ripped a defensive board away from Kobe Bryant with 38.9 seconds left and Boston leading by five, then grabbed an errant Kevin Garnett inbounds pass on the ensuing play and found Rajon Rondo cutting to the rim while teetering out of bounds for the decisive basket in a 92-86 victory.

"I was just showing off my Randy Moss and Tom Brady on the same play," said Pierce. "I was going up to catch it, then went into Brady mode when I was falling out of bounds to find Rondo on the receiving end."

Boston takes a 3-2 lead to Los Angeles where the Celtics must win one of the final two games for their second title in three years. Their first chance to end it is tomorrow night.

"Let's be honest," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. "We had to win this game. That's the way we felt going in. For them, they still have two home games ... let's hope not two home games."

Hearing for more than a week that people were waiting for the series MVP Pierce of the 2008 NBA Finals to show up, the captain responded last night with a get-on-my-back effort. He matched Bryant's killer instinct offensively and outmuscled him for the ball when the game was on the line.

"Paul was terrific," Rivers said. "He attacked all night. He did it through the offense. He did it through (isolations), did it in pick-and-rolls. He made big shots for us all night and we needed it."

Garnett had 18 points and 10 rebounds, and Rondo had 18 points and eight assists as the Celtics overcame 38 points from Bryant.

"Kobe is one guy that you probably can't stop in this league," Pierce said. "But we feel like with these other guys we can slow them down or almost shut them down. That gives us a great chance of winning."

The Lakers cut a 13-point Boston lead to six in the opening seconds of the fourth quarter, but the Celtics withstood that surge with Rasheed Wallace drilling a 3-pointer and Nate Robinson following a Bryant jumper with a drive to quell the Laker rally.

After matching baskets the next three minutes, the Celtics reasserted themselves defensively. Ray Allen made a steal and found Rondo ahead of the pack to make it a 10-point game, Rondo had a steal on the next Lakers' possession and then soared to the offensive glass for a put-back and 87-75 lead with 3:49 on the clock.

With the Celtics looking like they were counting the seconds to the final buzzer, the Lakers crept closer with four free throws over 1:22 to get within 87-79. Kendrick Perkins missed a pair of free throws, then Allen fouled Bryant on a 3-point attempt and he drained all three to pull his team within 87-82 at 1:30.

The Celtics had two chances to extend the next possession before Garnett lost a jump ball to Derek Fisher. Ron Artest got behind the pack and was fouled on a drive, but missed both free throws and Pierce ripped the offensive rebound away from Bryant with the Celtics still up five at 38.9 seconds.

"I just saw the ball in front of me and just wanted to go as hard as I could," Pierce said. "I wanted to aggressively grab it and I was able to do that before they fouled me or I went out of bounds."

The Celtics tried to put the game out of reach coming out of the half with a Rondo basket and Pierce 3-pointer stretching a six-point lead to 11. Over the next 10 minutes, it was a matter of whether Bryant could single-handedly match shots with the entire Boston starting five.

Bryant hit his first seven shots of the quarter, and scored the first 19 points, but even his brilliance could do little more than keep the Lakers in the game against the scorching Celtics.

"I just kept trying to tell them it's only two points when he scores," Rivers said. "As long as we kept scoring the way we were, we were going to be good. I love that our guys, for the most part, held it in. They understood what he was doing, but we defended everyone else."

The Celtics led as many as 13 in the quarter before the Lakers chipped within eight after three. Boston went up eight in the first half and was ahead 45-39 at the break while shooting 65.6 percent to the Lakers' 33.3 percent.

(Scott Souza is a Daily News staff writer. He can be reached at 781-398-8006 or

MowMyOwn 06-15-2010 04:52 PM


Originally Posted by REWHBLCAIN (Post 10010)
The same place I was last night when the tide turned.;)

Saw some serious ref errors in that game.

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